Experience Connective Therapy™ with Gail 'n' Ron

Reconnecting your body, mind and spirit for healing growth.

When you're plumb tuckered out from the yada, yada, yada of the outer experience...

And you've reached your limits...

And Your Ready to take full responsibility for your life...

It's time to take a break and indulge yourself in

Connective Therapy™ with Gail 'n' Ron

Imagine a state of being when your concerns are laid aside, time is not a factor and you are traveling to a space deep within yourself and touching your inner magnificence as your mind goes blank and you are suspended in a blissful state of joyous harmony.

Gail and Ron use holotropic breathing, guided relaxation and feather-light fully clothed massage and other healing modalities to produce an internal stillness that nurtures your very soul.

Gail is a Kinesthetic Intuitive and the guiding light of Connective Therapy™ ... a caretaker's caretaker. It is fully affordable, even to those of modest means.

Experience for yourself, the healing state of relaxation that is the aim and purpose of every session of Connective Therapy™.

Do yourself a favor Right Now and contact us at ilovemybodyyoga@gmail.com to schedule a session. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.